Hi there, welcome to my blog. My name is Edward and I am BINUSIAN 2020. In this post, I want to share my experience throughout Freshmen Enrichment Program (FEP) in BINUS. The very first program that I attended in FEP was General Orientation (GO), in this program, we as the new students learned a lot about BINUS. We learned about Binusway, Expo, binusmaya, bunga rampai, class schedule, and much more. I personally think this is a good program to introduce us to BINUS rules and how the systems work in BINUS so when we finally enter BINUS, we do not panic and shock because we know nothing. By the end of this program, they offer us an Organization Skill or in Bahasa u called it eskul. I really think this program is very good because we don’t only want our hard skill to be good but also our soft skill has to be good as well. How to upgrade our soft skill? By joining Organizations of course! We got to choose which organization we want to join. I chose Klifonara organization which is photography class and I really looking forward to joining them as I like photography. We attend this GO program for five days and now as I enter the campus life, I finally feel the benefits of this program a lot.

The second program that we attended was Academic Orientation(AO). In this program, basically it’s already the real study, but we only study the basic and introduction to our major, so that we do not shock when we hit the real uni. Basically, you can call this program “Pre-University”. We learned like normal but the time is not as long as the “Real University” and only new students attend this AO. This program lasted for 2 weeks. In this program we get to know how to use BinusMaya, get to know the lecturers, get to know how the systems work on campus and much more. So as important as GO, this program also very substantial for our learning. After we finished with AO, as I’m taking Computer Science as my major, they invited you to an event called HTTP (HIMTI Togetherness & Top Performance). What this event all about is they welcome you the new students with many programs such as PBC (pengenalan Bahasa c) and many workshops. Unfortunately, I did not attend this event and I only hear a few about this HTTP from my friend.

After we done with GO and AO, we move on to the next program which is Campus Life Orientation, actually, I am currently in this part and haven’t finished CLO as this program lasts for a semester. In this program, we are actually learning like other normal students, no more introduction and directly studying our major. I personally think this CLO thing is not necessary as we already study like other normal students and we already know all the information about the campus.

So yeah there it is, my experience throughout FEP. Hope you like it and can share your campus experience with me too. Thanks!

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